A. S. A. P. Waterjet Cutting
Work Samples

10 gage mild steel       16 inches wide - 10 gage steel       Biker Cut and etched in 3/4in. granite

36in. logo cut from steel         16in. biker cut from steel         9in. biker cut from granite

14 gage mild steel       Acrylic Inlay       8ft. Entrance Sign

       10in. Bicyclist              Black & white acrylic inlay         8ft. Entrance sign (1/4" steel)

10 gage steel       10 gage steel       airfoil Go/NoGo Gage

Bracket cut from steel          TubeSheet cut from steel          Airfoil Go/No Go Gage

Texas cut from stones       medallion cut from steel       knife cut from file

Texas cut from Sandstone      Medallion from 1/8 in. steel      Knife cut from an old file

sign cut from 2in. aluminum       butterfly cut from steel       Texas cut from phone book

Sign cut from 2 in. aluminum      Butterfly from 1/8 in. steel      Texas cut from phone book

Circle cut from 2 in. 4340 steel       Cutout Rock for Easter       cut from ceramic tile

Circle cut from 2" steel          Letters cut through stone            Ceramic tile inlay

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